Fighting Food Insecurity

In the Dayton-Montgomery County Area

About Hall Hunger Initiative

The Hall Hunger Initiative was formed in December 2015 in partnership with the United Way of the Greater Dayton Area and with the generous support of the Jack W. and Sally D. Eichelberger Foundation. The goal of the Hall Hunger Initiative is to systematically address the issue of hunger by collaborating with community stakeholders to reduce food insecurity and increase food access.




We aim to work collaboratively with a broad and diverse group of community stakeholders in order to provide a more unified front in the fight against hunger in our community. By working together towards common goals for our community, we can break down the silos of operation and create more holistic and comprehensive solutions.


Our broad community stakeholder approach allows us to address the many problems that culminate in hungry individuals and families: education, awareness, access, transportation, etc. A broad stakeholder base allows for each organization to utilize its own strengths and in doing so creates more dynamic and durable community solutions.

Community Driven

The Hall Hunger Initiative seeks and address problems that stakeholders, direct service providers, and community members who struggle with food insecurity alike identify as problems. We aim to address problems that are voiced by those who deal with food inequity and its devastating effects firsthand. This seeks to ensure that solutions have immediate impact on our residents that are most in need and effected by hunger.

How We’re Helping

What are some of the things the Hall Hunger Initiative is doing to help those in our community?  

Supporting the Gem City Market

Raising Awareness About Food Inequity in Dayton

Convening Local Stakeholders

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