Our Food Partners

The Hall Hunger Initiative Community Food Partners

These are many of our community food partners. We are all dedicated to the work of meeting the hunger needs of the Miami Valley. The need for volunteers is always great.

The food industry warrants needs of all skills year-round to meet the vast needs of our community.Whether it is collecting, packing, and sorting in a warehouse, distributing at a mobile spot, conveniently located for you, or maybe you enjoy getting your hands in the dirt and would enjoy contributing by planting, weeding, harvesting, and/or gleaning. Yet, let us not forget the food space also includes data entry, so clerical work might be your thing, or maybe cooking demos or nutrition education, there is always a need for such expertise, but more so just loving hearts and willing hands.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in you can contact one of our partners listed below directly or utilize our partnership with United Way of Greater Dayton and contact the Volunteer Coordinator, Nick Eddy to assist.

56 Armor Pl, Dayton

937- 461-0265

3730 Delphos Ave, Dayton



622 Springfield St, Dayton


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