About Hall Hunger Initiative


Who is the Hall Hunger Initiative

We at the Hall Hunger Initiative agree with the overwhelming conclusion of hunger, policy, and healthcare experts who argue that systemic change requires a systems-based approach to our food security challenges. Furthermore, we know that food insecurity does not exist in a vacuum and viable solutions can only come through collective impact. As such, our response to Dayton’s food crisis, through strong partnerships and strategic capacity building, seeks to build a sustainable and just community food system in the Miami Valley that provides good food for all.


Through speaking engagements, facilitating workshops, and consistent participation in neighborhood events and volunteer activities, the HHI team, under Ambassador Tony Hall’s leadership, is always in the community elevating the issue of Dayton’s food crisis with our partners.


HHI connects those that are already doing this work with each other, with resources that exist in the community, and with better and best practices identified through research and involvement in local, state, and national hunger and food system conversations. Additionally, our collaboration and coordination work often allows us to identify gaps that exist in our community’s response to food inequity. As a result, we make every effort to address these gaps through increased attention to the issue as well as strategic capacity building when appropriate. 


When gaps are identified, one of the biggest assets HHI provides to the community’s response to our food crisis is strategic capacity building. HHI’s largest capacity building project is the development of the Gem City Market, the community’s highest profile and most significant food access effort. HHI’s support of the store is not only wide in scope, but also deep in engagement and commitment. Currently, HHI is assisting with the market’s $4.2 million capital campaign, grassroots and membership engagement efforts, health planning, as well as the supporting the market’s governance, site pre-development, policy, and store design.


HHI has learned through research and experience that sys­temic change requires a systems focus, and through this lens, there are more opportuni­ties to bring crucial actors to the table to create a sustainable and just community food system in the Miami Valley. As such, we are currently working with our partners on an intentional process to build a local food equity plan that will align our varied strategies to achieve community food security, providing critical food systems expertise to these conversations. HHI also serves as co-strategic coordinator for the two major United Way of the Greater Dayton Area and Montgomery County funded food access collective impact projects.

In all aspects of our work, HHI seeks to support our partners fighting hunger that exists in our community today, and work in solidarity with community members struggling with our broken food system and other affected institutions to build better solutions for tomorrow.


The Hall Hunger Initiative was formed in December 2015 in partnership with the United Way of the Greater Dayton Area and with the generous support of the Jack W. and Sally D. Eichelberger Foundation.